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If we try to define who successful traders are in one trait, it would be the people who enter the market well equipped to understand the market movements and when to enter and exit a trade. While this is not always easy and trading does involve risks, some tools can help you to trade more accurately. In this way, you do not need to miss out on the many potentially profitable trading opportunities the markets offer. 

As stated, using the technology and the trading tools that are available today can help a trader to trade more effectively as they step into the trading arena. This means that even beginner traders can succeed when trading their preferred assets. Based on this, the trading solution you select should support your strategies, preferences, and risk tolerance, all in one app.


One of the most exciting markets to trade today is the cryptocurrency market as it offers a wide choice of potentially lucrative trading options. However, you can choose any market you are familiar with. Trade on Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and much more.


Over the years, we have listened to what beginner and professional traders need. We have also analyzed the revolutionary cryptocurrency market that marked a new digital age. Combining trading strategies and coding expertise, we have developed reliable, feature-rich, intuitive but simple trading software – the Bitqt. Our trading software is on a mission to be your best trading tool regardless of the market you choose.


There are only a few opportunities in a lifetime that allow you to enter the financial and digital revolution. If you want to be a part of it, read on.

What Is Online Trading?

Simply put, trading online can be done anywhere with an internet connection. Sell or short assets if you think their price will fall or buy/long when the price is expected to rise. Once you open a trade, you need to wait for the price to change, hopefully in your favor. Closing a trade will net you a profit or a loss based on the price difference of the asset before and after you entered the trade. Therefore, in order for a trader to be profitable, they need to answer the questions of when to enter a trade, how long to keep the position open, which direction the price will move in, and how much to invest into the trade.

This is where analysis starts. That is, thinking about what is making the market move and what the price charts are showing you. When we analyze what events are driving the market it is called Fundamental Analysis. Using price charts and technical indicators enables you to carry out Technical Analysis on the market.


Both of these types of analysis have a single goal – to help us predict the price movement of an asset and make the right trading decision. Having the right tool and/or the right information is what makes consistent profits in the long run.


Some traders have the skills and knowledge to accurately analyze the markets while others use trading tools and software solutions to help them trade more accurately.

The path to success in online trading lies in the consistent following of your trading strategy. This means discipline and patience. While following a strategy at all times might sound easy to do, many traders fail here. This all happens as a result of not being able to control one’s emotions.


If you could be like a robot when trading, half of the job is done. But this isn’t how it is in the real world. Losing money will unavoidably make us emotional. Winning can make us overconfident. All of these emotions can mess with the consistency to trade with your proven strategy.


Bitqt allows you to train your decision-making. The more you use its features, the more consistent you become. This is how you customize your strategy to work better and more effectively. The app analyzes the markets for you, providing you with vital market analysis to enhance your trading decisions.


You can also customize the Bitqt app to trade based on your risk tolerance and trading preferences, making it an effective trading tool for both new and experienced traders.

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What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, moving around between sellers and buyers in a global network. Their digital, decentralized nature is the source of their advantage over the regular, fiat currencies, such as the US dollar and the euro. While their adoption is quickly progressing, they are opposed by many governments that still rely on traditional financial systems. Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrency blockchain technology, a coin that can be stored on any digital online space or device.

If you told anyone before Bitcoin that one day there will be a currency that cannot be stolen from you even if someone took it, no one would believe you. Cryptocurrencies cannot be used unless you reveal the code to your wallet. You can send/exchange crypto to anyone, any amount, and without worry that someone will intercept the funds. Bitcoin’s limited supply also ensures no inflation will cause its devaluation. You do not need a bank or a third party (exchange) to trade. And lately, with new technologies, crypto can be traded at the speed of light.


Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the most prosperous companies today that allow you to store and exchange many cryptocurrencies quickly. There are numerous ways you can open a digital wallet to store your cryptos or you can also have a device holding them, called offline cold storage.


If you are a trader, you will likely need a broker or an exchange that allows short and long positions. You also have the option of trading crypto CFDs that are contracts that allow margin trading, while you will also not need to buy and sell the actual cryptos themselves. In this way, you can trade your preferred digital currencies with ease.

How Do Cryptocurrencies Work?

The core of how cryptocurrencies work is blockchain technology. Similar to the banks’ transaction ledgers, blockchain is a ledger that keeps records of every transaction. The cryptography (proof) process that is part of the system makes it impervious to any manipulation. The network of connected parties in the system keeps adequate liquidity so there are always sufficient buyers and sellers. Cryptocurrency projects contain various rules on how value is distributed among network participants, and this helps to maintain liquidity.

When you have a digital wallet to store your cryptos, you will receive two keycodes – the access key and the signing key. You can view your funds with the access keycode, while the signing key enables you to carry out transactions. When you use the digital wallet to make a transaction, the receiver will get a part of your wallet’s signing key. This is how the other party will confirm that the transaction indeed originated from you.


Make sure you remember or write down your wallet keycodes. Many Bitcoins have been lost forever in digital wallets with forgotten keycodes.


After Bitcoin, many new projects emerged with similar blockchain ideas and ecosystems. Some crypto focuses on various proofs that make transactions secure, while others focus more on other characteristics and features. Monero, for example, focuses on user privacy and Polkadot aims to connect different crypto ecosystems.


Many people are attracted to cryptocurrencies due to their security, fast transactions, privacy, and gold-like scarcity. The crypto market is still one of the most volatile markets. For some investors, this is a great feature that enables them to grow their wealth faster than with other assets. If you can handle sudden drops and tops, crypto market investments are one of the best opportunities for real profits.


Young traders are especially interested in cryptocurrencies. This is quite evident in some tokens that are really popular despite not offering the same core value such as Bitcoin. Instead, the prices of these tokens are a result of tweets, memes, jokes, and other trivia that drive the demand for such tokens. Trading decisions, therefore, do not have to be based on reasoning, but on how other people perceive what is valuable. 


With all this in mind, it is evident that each cryptocurrency is different. Understanding the crypto and the project behind it will enable you to foresee if it is the next Bitcoin or not. As a result, understanding what makes crypto prices move is important in trading and this is definitely no easy task. This is where software solutions, such as Bitqt, take center stage. 


The greatest challenge for cryptocurrencies today is how to integrate them into current laws and regulations. Some countries, like China, have banned them, for now, while some try to make them official like El Salvador. Governments have issues taxing, identifying cryptocurrency users, and also controlling the capital flows in and out of the country.


Despite this, one thing is almost certain, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. More and more funds and companies choose cryptocurrencies as a store of value and also as a hedge against fiat devaluations. While cryptos do not have a long history, it is evident they are the future form of a global digital system and as such, the time to get in on the trading action is now.

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What Other Types of Assets Can I Trade?

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Bitqt specializes in cryptocurrency trading, but you can utilize the app for trading other markets too such as forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and more. Cryptocurrencies are currently the most volatile market yet with strong and consistent trends that global traders enjoy. They are the technological novelty young traders especially embrace. The cryptocurrency market never sleeps, it is open 24/7, unlike other markets.

Forex trading opened to retail traders two decades ago along with internet development across the globe. The Forex industry quickly became widespread and competitive, bringing traders more opportunities. Regarded as the world’s fiat exchange office, the forex market is extremely large when compared to the crypto market, for example. It is a digital place where currencies are exchanged, with big banks as the main market movers. Most traded currencies are the US dollar, euro, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, British pound, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand dollars.


When prices rise in an economy, it is usually a sign that an industry needs more resources. This is when traders invest in hard assets or the commodities market. Traders can choose to trade agriculture products, precious metals, oil, and industrial goods. They all have special price dynamics traders recognize to hedge against inflation or to benefit from emerging demand.

People are familiar with the products or services they use every day, from cars to social media portals. That is why traders like to trade stocks of the companies they know. The stock market is where you can trade your favorite brand, be it Facebook, Nike, Apple, or Tesla. By owning a company share, you participate in their growth.


When things turn sour in the stock market, some traders turn to bonds. Bonds are considered safe haven assets since governments are less likely to fail than a company. Bonds holders are entitled to receive interest payments on their investment. Traders keep an eye on the bond currency devaluation and the interest rate they receive.


Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are what made trading so easy and accessible to many people. With CFDs, you can buy and sell an asset without owning them. Essentially this is an agreement between you and the broker that you care only about the price when the trade is opened and closed. Hence, the difference is your profit or loss. CFDs also have an attractive feature called margin or leverage. It enables you to open trades with less capital required.


There are many assets you can trade in the online trading world and while it might seem challenging, this is where trading software, such as Bitqt, can really help you in making informed trading decisions as you trade your preferred assets.

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What Is Trading Software?

The latest breakthrough in trading is automation. Machines are faster and do not have emotions that can mess with a trading strategy. Bitqt automates trading including the market analysis process. In this way, even a beginner can trade. By following how the app works, you can learn what patterns to look for when trading. In the global financial markets, history repeats itself and automated trading bots can remember it to the finest details. Based on this, they can therefore predict when familiar signals show up that precede the price move. It is the closest thing to predicting the future when trading online.

All successful traders have mastered their trading mindset. While it takes years to master, automation eliminates the human factor, and it is ready to start immediately.


Having knowledge or skill is not required, it is already built-in by the bot developers. Following the automated trading software, you can learn the basics of trading and still be consistent.


Automated trading is as good as the strategy behind it. Extensive and deep testing has to be done to confirm its reliability in the long term. Not all trading robots are created that way. Unfortunately, scams and promises of quick riches have plagued the trading scene. As a result of this, if you are going to use automated trading software, you must select an app that is effective and reliable.


The Bitqt application received worldwide recognition as reliable, professionally developed software that has boosted the trading results of both new and advanced traders worldwide. This software is the perfect tool that enables you to step into the trading arena with confidence and the right tool to succeed.

Is Bitqt An Effective Software?

Bitqt is an advanced and intuitive trading app that has been developed with algorithmic technology. It uses this technology, along with technical indicators and large amounts of historical price data to analyze the markets. You can then use this analysis to make more informed trading decisions.

If you are a beginner, you will enjoy learning how to trade with the app, while still getting consistent results. You will know when to trade and which asset to trade and this logic and consistency will slowly make you a better, more confident trader. Bitqt’s software interface is user-friendly. Even beginners will have no problem figuring out how all of the different functions work.


Bitqt never sleeps, has many eyes, many hands, lightning thinking, and perfect memory. Even if you are an experienced trader, you cannot be like a machine. By combining your skills with the automated solution, you make a perfect team. Customize Bitqt to your liking and create unbelievable results even for professional standards.


Bitqt is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Powerful features and analysis never leave your side as long you are connected to the internet. Never miss a trade even when you are on the move.

Future of Trading

With the internet, many trading opportunities have opened up for the average person. Trading is becoming a way anyone can attain financial freedom. With the cryptocurrency breakthrough, we are entering a new era where it has never been easier to invest, transfer or trade. New technologies can now make ordinary people trade like professionals. This is the future of trading.

The good part is that automated trading software has become a vital part of the future of trading.


Bitqt is our vision of the future, allowing anyone to seize the opportunity regardless of their skill or location. We worked together with the top experts in the trading and IT industry to create one of the most powerful applications. For us, it is a trading revolution you or anyone can experience.

Bitqt Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that are most commonly asked about trading online and cryptocurrencies:

Is It Legal To Trade?

Yes, it is legal to trade the financial and digital markets, including cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrencies is legal, and you can even do so with the use of automated software. The beauty of trading cryptocurrencies is that they do not involve any third party.

How Do I Become A Better Trader?

Inevitably, you will become better as long as you persist in exploring and testing new trading ideas. Additionally, you have to train your emotional control. It may take years or months, and this is where the benefits of trading software really shine.


Effective automated trading software can help put you in the top-tier trading seat. You learn along the way and also have consistent results. When you become confident in your trading strategy, you will be glad you did not have to go through all that emotional stress and loss.


Trading with automated applications also produces new ideas on how you can trade. It motivates you to explore the world of trading where each trader is looking for its holy grail. Read about other traders’ strategies, new indicators, and new cryptos. After all, you found out about Bitqt by exploring, and the more you know and understand, the better your results will be.

How Do I Start Trading?

Simply register for a new account with Bitqt to become part of our trading community. The registration process only takes a few minutes and is free of charge. Once your new account is activated, you can start trading right away.